The risks of defending yourself at a licensing hearing

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A medical profession requires more than just an education. It requires constant vigilance from professionals in the field. Nurses, physicians and other medical professionals have to maintain state licensing to do their jobs. Without a license, they cannot accept a job with a medical business or start their own medical practice.

Obtaining a medical or nursing license requires specialized education and state testing as well. The licensing boards for nurses and physicians typically also perform background checks to safeguard the public against those with criminal records. Medical professionals are in a position of social trust, and so those accused of violent acts or addiction-related crimes could pose a risk to their patients.

Licensing boards look into convictions and complaints

When someone applies for a new license or tries to renew an existing one, the board overseeing their profession will perform a background check. An application could trigger disciplinary hearings. So could a complaint by a co-worker or patient.

Those accused of a crime or facing complaints against their licenses will have the opportunity to defend themselves in front of the licensing board. Although it is an option, it may not be the best decision for medical professionals in Pennsylvania to try to defend their medical license on their own.

Failure could lead to the temporary or permanent loss of your license

Every year, the medical and nursing licensing boards in Pennsylvania censure medical professionals. Those that do not assertively defend their licenses may be at higher risk than others of professional consequences due to criminal charges or patient complaints.

You have the right to defend yourself and also the right to bring an attorney to represent you during disciplinary hearings. Given the gravity of the possible consequences, including the loss of your ability to work, investing in your defense is likely the best decision possible. Planning carefully to defend your professional license can be as important as defending against criminal charges.