Does your online activity fall under unprofessional conduct?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2022 | Professional License Issues |

Nurses are expected to uphold a certain standard of conduct. While many of the points they should follow have to do with their behavior while they’re on the clock, there are some that also pertain to their life outside of the medical world.

With the rise in popularity of adult websites and the easy accessibility of the Internet, nurses should be extremely careful of what they’re sending out. One thing to be especially careful of is explicit photos. While the nurse might not post pictures online, it’s possible that others might. Explicit pictures on the Internet can fall under the category of unprofessional conduct.

What does unprofessional conduct mean?

Unprofessional conduct is a very broad term that can encompass many different actions. It can include things like posting sexually explicit photos online or using foul language around patients or colleagues. Because it’s such a broad term, some behaviors might not clearly fall under this umbrella.

Nurses who are facing claims of unprofessional conduct should find out whether they might lose their license. It might not be as likely that they will if their patients aren’t suffering harm because of the situation. Additionally, they may be able to fight against a license issue if it was someone else, such as a vengeful ex, who posted pictures online.

When you realize that your nursing license is in jeopardy, you must take swift action. There’s a chance that you could lose your livelihood, so be sure that you learn about the options you have for addressing the matter. Working with someone who understands these cases can help you to reduce your stress during the process so you can focus on what’s important.